1. Brother Louie (Ready For Romance)
2. You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul (1st Album)
3. Maria (America)
4. Tv Makes The Superstar (Universe)
5. Cheri Cheri Lady (Let’s Talk About Love)
6. One In A Million (1st Album)
7. Just We Two- Mona Lisa (Ready For Romance)
8. Atlantis Is Calling (Back For Good)
9. Heart Of An Angel (Universe)
10. You Can Win If You Want (1st Album)
11. Why Did You Do it Just Tonight (Let’s Talk About Love)
12. Save me-Don’t Break Me (Ready For Romance)
13. Don’t Let Me Go (Alone)
14. Do You Wanna (1st Album)
15. Witchqueen Of Eldorado (America)
16. Girl Out Of My Dreams (Year Of The Dragon)
17. No Face No Name No Number (Year Of The Dragon)

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